St. Patrick's Day Printable

My new favorite thing is Subway Art, I think it's so much fun and so creative!  Two people can use the same words and even the same program to make something and the two projects will turn out completely different!  I just love the creative freedom it allows. :-D
In the past, I usually tried to find a few printables that I could just download and display (in a pretty frame), but this time I thought I'd make one myself.
Here's what I did:
  1. Create the "art" on my Silhouette Cameo
  2. Print
  3. Frame
  4. Add a few green and cream felt flowers to the frame     (felt flower tutorial - click here)
  5. Place on mantel
Looks cute huh?
I have to say, for it being my 1st one, I was very proud of myself - haha.  

Now on to the good stuff... 
Below is a .PDF version that you can download and print for yourself - FOR FREE!
Since this is my 1st time trying to attach a .PDF to my blog, I wasn't sure which program was the best (and easiest) for YOU to use and download (with little hassle).  Anyhow, I originally attached the documents using Scribd, but now I'm also going to attach it using 4Shared.  

Please let me know which is more user friendly for YOU, since that's what matters! THANKS :)
St. Patrick's Day Printable - using 4shared

St. Patrick's Day Printable - using Scribd
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  1. I like the splash of color you used in this printable. I'd love for you to share at my St. Patty's link party. :)

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks so much for stopping by - I'll definitely link up to your party!

      Angela :)

  2. Great printable! Do you have other ideas for using the Silhouette? I just got mine and I'm still learning.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I don't have a Silhouette so I love when people share their printables!

  4. This is cute! Mind if I share on my blog? I want to do a roundup of St. Patty's printables and this is perfect! I blog over at if you'd like to check it out!


  5. Thanks for linking up to Serenity Saturday.
    Can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow

    Natasha xxx

  6. This is so cute! I'm following and would love to have you stop by my brand new blog and follow, too! Thanks:)

  7. Love the prinatable-I'm a new linky follower.

  8. very cute ! Love the added flowers to the frame! thank you for linking up to Uncommon! Bonnie ;)

  9. Thank you for the printable! I like shared printables from 4shared because you don't have to pay for a membership to access any of the files.


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